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Water is Energy


The recent changes in earth's climate combined with population growth made water shortage a fact all around the globe.
The need to provide clean, efficient energy while keeping the integrity of our ecosystem is now one of mankind greatest challenges.
WisE was founded based on the understanding of the great value in combining water, energy into one unified solution.
WisE provides an umbrella of services to countries and international organizations, enabling the transformation of available mass investments into cleaner, healthier and more efficient societies.
Knowing the key to success in such complex ventures lies in trust based connections;
WisE has established solid relationship foundations with both governments and leading privates.


WisE offers a set of comprehensive services from the early analyze & plan stage to solution definition and execution.
These offered services include:

Establishing the proper consortium according to problem analysis in the following areas of specialty:

Water sector:
  • Water management
  • Water desalination facilities, including sea and brackish water
  • Water treatment (filtration facilities)
  • Water rehabilitation
  • Water reused system
  • Water security
Energy sector:
  • Solar systems
  • PV Panels
  • Wind farms
  • Combine cycle gas turbines
  • Energy storage
  • Energy efficiency

Coordinating and managing the project's execution and maintenance by:

Conceptual design control
Common practices in infrastructure project financing, including:
  • Government budget
  • Funds.
  • Public Private Partnership (PPP).


Eli Ronen spent almost 4 decades in public service. Colonel Ret. in the Israeli Navy followed by years of high ranking official positions, including deputy director general in the Ministry of Transportation, as a Director General of the Ministry of National Infrastructures, and as the Chairman of the Board Mekorot National Water company 2007-2010.

During that period, Mr. Ronen's topics of occupation involved leading constructions of mass transportation systems, natural-gas transmission system, sewage facilities infrastructures and introducing natural gas as a primary energy source of Israel.

As Chairman of Mekorot, establishing Mekorot group and challenging the most severe shortage of water in the state, enhancing and developing fresh water sources. ‘Mekorot’ group (AAA , 2500 employees, revenues over $850M in 2009, assets $3.5B).


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Our Projects

AOP – Advanced Oxidation Processes

AOP, Advanced Oxidation Processes produce powerful radicals, to decompose the reduced material rapidly.

  • What is it good for?
Trace contaminants may pollute water even in small concentrations. Among them are Pharmaceuticals and Personal Care Products (PPCPs), including Endocrine Disruptive Compounds (EDCs). The latter raises special concerns, being the suspected causative agent for what is known as "fish feminization" in rivers in Europe and the UK. A conventional process for trace contaminants may demand a large and costly reactor. On the other hand radicals produced by AOP may target such contaminants more economically and require much smaller footprint.
  • AOP for the elimination of Hydrogen Sulfide (H2S) in well water: a project Wise manages in cooperation with Mekorot (National Water Company). Having conducted several successful experiments, WisE has recently launched a budgeted pilot for the treatment of well water in the South of Israel.
  • Application for patent on this process, is on track.
This pilot is executed also in cooperation with Atlantium, manufacturer of the UV system that is engaged in the process as the energy source for radical production.
WisE has connected Mekorot water quality personnel and Atlantium, to form ad-hoc teamwork for this breakthrough project.
Together we can create value.
Micha Eshchar, Water Engineer

Rotem Hamidbar

Energy researches indicate that self-energy production is the most cost effective configuration for energy consumption for the industrial sector, which (in Israel) is currently 90% held by the IEC.

WisE provides self-energy-production solution in the shape of small power plants, with an 8 years projected ROI, effectively creating a new energy production scheme for the sector.

As part of the Rotem Hamidbar initiative (33.3% held), a 17.6MW power plant will be up and running by 2018, providing energy for the new IDF base in the Negev, as part of a 22 years’ concession BOT.

Protection of Water Sourcest

The Israeli Ministry of Health (MOH) requires either the translation (removal to a parallel route) of sewage piping from the vicinity of drinking water sources, outside defined protection radii, or encasing the sewage piping with a double cement layer ("People's Health Ordinance – sanitary conditions for drinking water well, 1995"). Such translation, or encasing require considerable public resources which are not always available.
But then the MOH acknowledges Atlantium HOD technology as a substitute, where sewage piping is within the defined protection radius from a drinking water source.

  • Test case: Bat Yam pilot, 2012
  • More than 10 approved installations
WisE serves as an integrator for such installations including mediating stages with health authorities, for approval of the supply of water from the well to the drinking water grid. WisE has a long and successful record of doing what it takes to meet client's needs on one hand, and water quality regulations on the other hand.